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Unilite Warranty

Unilite products are manufactured to the highest standard and are free from defects at the time of manufacturing. On the rare occasion when a problem does arise Unilite provides a warranty of 1 year on all products.

Unilite provides a warranty for any faulty products whereby we will endeavor to repair or replace any items affected in this way.

The warranty does not however cover the following:
Ø Battery leaks
Ø Incorrect chargers being used
Ø Normal wear and tear
Ø Modifications or alterations
Ø Poor storage
Ø Poor Maintenance
Ø Damage due to accident or negligence
Ø Damage due to improper of product
Ø Abuse/theft/loss

If you would like to speak to someone about a faulty product, please email support@unilite.co.uk, or call 01527 584344