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What are Unilite doing to ensure safety & well-being during COVID-19

The Unilite team is our main priority, and we’re doing all we can to protect the safety and wellbeing of our staff across the world with measures in place and the PPE necessary to keep staff safe. We are endeavouring to do this and keep the best experience possible for our customers, as safely as we can

Many staff are currently working from home, but we will always respond as quickly as we can as we realise our business doesn’t stand still. There is a small team working from our HQ and we are all strictly following official advice to uphold social distancing and the highest standards of hygiene. All offices are deep cleaned, and materials and other supplies are all inspected and quarantined for a 24hr period to ensure the safety of our team and customers. 

Our attitude and approach are exactly the same throughout our supply chain. We’ve increased focus on our distribution centres to maximise safety, enforcing social distancing and minimise the spread of COVID-19. 

Unilite is operating as safely as we can, while giving our best to operate at the highest standards we can.  

Please contact our support team here: support@unilite.co.uk